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I have just returned from being a chaplain at General Synod 2019. After about a 9 hour trip I made the hop from Victoria to Vancouver on Thursday night arriving at about 2 am Friday morning. This lengthy voyage is due to me spoiling my cat when I go away. My first experience of any synod was 10 hours on Friday, until about 11 pm during the 2nd voting on the marriage canon.

In my military training and experience, when they are readying you for a new duty whether it be fighting fires, jumping out of aircraft, humanitarian relief, search and rescue, leading a mission or engaging in warfare there is usually a common denominator in all of these events. Normally a senior person—rugged, salty, experienced and very skilled, checks you over and says,

you're good. Trust your training and trust your equipment. Let's go.

At General Synod 2019 it was the fresh face of youth, with rainbow coloured hair that was saying 'let's go!' Articulate, compassionate, courageous, energized youth and it was incredible to witness. This is the way God works sometimes, turning everything around and/or upside down.

I am so impressed at the care and integrity in which this engagement occurred and the outcome. I also feel that the synodical response keeps Canada within reach in the worldwide Anglican communion, letting others catch up with us in the largest faith-based force for social justice in the world.

For details, here is a link to Bishop Logan's message here.

To sense the governing body's responses to opportunities for reconciliation, justice and action was powerful. I was able to connect with the Bishop and the Archdeacon of the Anglican Military Ordinariate of the Canadian Armed Forces. Also, I was blessed with water by the Primate right before I delivered a package to the Primate elect!

God is Good.