Liturgy Studio

Liturgy Studio

Exploring worship as a ‘work of the people’

Coming soon in 2017—Stay Tuned!

Experience the setting and interpretation of the liturgical experience by a group of musicians, poets and other artists from across Victoria.

‘Liturgy’ is at the core of Anglican worship experience. Literally, liturgy means ‘a work of the people’, something we construct together as a community. We engage in this activity both as an offering to God and as a way of making sense of our story as part of God's Story.

Our Anglican liturgy has its roots in the earliest expressions of the God's people, but its structures and traditions reach beyond our own church and offer everyone opportunities for reflection and instruction.

Liturgy Studio gives musicians, poets and other artists oportunities to express this ancient interplay of 'our story' and 'The Story' in new ways. Each Liturgy Studio gathering begins with a time of worship and is followed by an (optional) discussion with the artists and a time to hang out, think and enjoy each others' company.

Watch this space for the first events of 2017!

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Are you an artist or worship leader interested in exploring the structures and themes of liturgy with colleagues from a variety of traditions? Drop us a line below and we'll get you connected!