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We Creatures of the Earth Must Move and Move Again

. . . a matter of sense—the thousand-eyed, thousand-eared alertness of a flock. The strategies are given names— I don’t know them. What sticks for me is how the air itself is altered. The way light bends back from... Read More

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Summer Splash Book Festival article in the Oak Bay News

The Oak Bay News has published a great article covering the upcoming Summer Splash Book Festival here at St Mary's on July 15, 9 am - 3 pm. Offering thousands of books in exchange for donations in support of some... Read More


Is a stair any place to belong?

“In the country where I now live, there is no word for home.” That’s the first line of Isabel Huggan’s 2003 memoir Belonging: Home Away from Home.   As we prepare to confront the power of the sun at Churchmouse... Read More

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Its Place Among the Elements

  I didn’t hit me until I began choosing things to read for April’s Churchmouse After Hours, “Beginnings and Endings,” just how often stories end at the beginning, or begin at the end. There’s “The Closing Down of... Read More