There are many ways in which we express our gratitude for the blessings God has given us:

  • in our eyes-wide-open prayers for ourselves and others,
  • in the time and talents we use to help make the world a better place that is shaped by God’s priority of Love,
  • and in our financial support for the work we all share as part of the church community.

Your financial contributions enable us to continue to serve our whole community through support for the arts, for community-building activities like the After Hours Coffeehouse, and the Centre for Community, and for our continued prayerful, caring presence in Oak Bay.

There are several ways in which you can make a contribution:

Give online

Click to Donate Online via CanadaHelps

The Electronic Collection Plate (ECP)

This is our preferred, simple, pre-authorized withdrawal service. To register or to change your regular amount, simply download, complete, and submit a Registration Form (for new users) or ECP Change Form (to change an existing registration) to the office, or email the form to our Envelope Secretary. You can also call the office and leave a message for more information, and the Envelope Secretary will return your call.

Coming soon:
Download ECP Registration Form (for new donors)
Download ECP Change Form (to change an existing ECP registration)

Weekly envelopes

If you prefer to give by cash or cheque, and enjoy the act of giving in the worship service, we invite you to contact the church office or the Envelope Sectretary and sign up for personalized envelopes.

During the current COVID-19 emergency, please consider one of the other, electronic or automatic, options in order to minimize the risk to our staff and volunteers—and please never send cash in the mail.

Donation of publicly traded securities

There are some tax advantages to this form of giving. See here for complete details.