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Yes, it’s time for the Summer edition of the Churchmouse After Hours!

“Churchmouse blinking in the Sun”

We’re into those long days lit by a bright sun as reluctant to go to sleep as any child. That giant fireball in the sky is the star of myths and ancient disputes. It sustains. It burns too hot. Our source of heat and light, the sun anchors our solar system, our seasons, our days and our very existence. Its role in our lives is paramount, and these days, grows ever more ominous.

Local performers will share songs. Authors will share stories and poems written by another. Audience members are invited to participate with a favourite poem, song or short tale.

Churchmouse After Hours is a monthly neighbourhood coffeehouse with songs, stories, poems and prose on a rotating theme. All are welcome to listen or join in. Note: This is not a literary open-mic. Though local authors do participate, we are all readers sharing work we enjoy and admire. Second Wednesday of most months at 7 pm at Churchmouse Bookshop in St Mary’s, Oak Bay, 1701 Elgin Rd.