Conversations & Compline

Conversations & Compline

Growing deeper in our faith, together

In the middle of the week, these are opportunites to step aside from the bustle, and to set down deep roots in our faith.

Every Wednesday evening (aside from summertime), we gather for a small group ‘Conversation’ about matters that are important to us, in our faith journey. At various times of the year, we discuss issues relevant to those new to—or exploring—the Christian faith and to those seeking to deepen their existing faith, or we base our conversations on the themes of the current season of our Church calendar, such as Advent, Lent, Easter and others.

Following our 90-minute Conversation, most folk remain for our short, 20-minute reflective service of evening prayer, or Compline.

Come join us for these friendly and honest opportunities to continue the journey of faith, together.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017 & other dates