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Hello AHA'ers!

The Stories in the Air workshop is a gem of a workshop. If you didn’t get a chance to work with Anne this session, there will be more opportunities.
Anne Glover has a show on June 23!
 I have probably mentioned this project that has been brewing for about 14 months now.  It's all about to happen - two shows, world premiere - and then poof it's over!  It's a very short run.
The exquisite women's choir Ensemble Laude hired me to write a story, and a composer (renowned Victor Zupanc, of Minneapolis) to write music for it. I wrote The Tale of Mahjabin based on a Persian folk tale, adapted for a women's group and for contemporary times.  In performance I will narrate (with string and rope), the choir will sing in English and Farsi, and the accompaniment will be on Persian Oud, guitar, and percussions.  
This is a scary and thrilling project for me. Never have I shared the stage with a 50-voice choir, let alone one that gives me goose bumps like these women do. 
If any of you can make it to either show I would love to have you there! Otherwise please feel free to spread the word, and I will smile knowing that you are with me in spirit!
 Things are happening fast these days: In 6 days I'm off to Taiwan, and I still haven't learned to say even "hello"...
First things first: dress rehearsal #1 is tonight...
Anne Glover performing with Ensemble Laude, Saturday June 23 7:30, First Metropolitan United Church (Quadra & Balmoral)
Sunday 2:30 at Providence Farm, Duncan.