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After Hours Arts Cyber Open House & Workshop, Part 2

For those who could not attend our first After Hours Arts workshop on May 30,2018, we have started a Cyber Open House with videos and links to more information online as we feature each of our three artists/facilitators. This page is an introduction to Stories in the Air with Anne Glover and features Creative Community Music Ensemble with Stephanie Khoury. Make a note that the start time for the conversation and soup supper is now beginning at 5:30pm.

What inspired After Hours Arts at the Centre for Community and our Goal

St. Mary’s Centre for Community (C4C) is a new initiative seeking to strengthen community within our immediate neighbourhood, our municipality, Oak Bay, and the wider community. It is our vision that The Centre will offer a safe, inclusive space to share life together, and experiences that will develop personal skills within a community context.

C4C’s inaugural programme, After Hours Arts, offers participants an opportunity to learn, heighten and hone artistic skills, and to participate within a community of shared interest in the arts. Find out more!

Stories in the Air Workshop with Anne Glover 

Tounge-tied in conversation? Wish you could tell a joke? Want to share your family stories? Internationally acclaimed storyteller Anne Glover leads playfull, relaxed sessions to help you take stories from the page, from your mind and bring them to life. No experience necessary.

Enjoy workwhops explaining the art of storytelling, some background about the importance of sharing our stories, the joy it brings and an overview of her role as a storyteller.

Creative Community Music Ensemble with Stephanie Khoury

Do you play an instrument and wish you could play more easily with others. The creative Community Music Ensemble presents a unique opportunity to play music for funin agroup setting. Coupled with at-home practice on a tablet, these workshops will help you learn the skills to accompany and solo on your instrument. All instruments and skill levels are welcome in this inclusive and laid-back group.

We hope to see you at the next After Hours Arts event on June 6, June 13 and June 20,2018! Each evening starts with a soup supper at 5:30 pm, and wraps up at 8:00 pm.

For full information and registration visit:, or call 250-598-2212 (M-Th, 8:30-1:30), or email

You are also invited to attend the Closing Cabaret, June 27 at the Churchmouse After Hours Coffeehouse.