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By being attentive, by learning to listen (or recovering the natural capacity to listen which cannot be learned any more than breathing), we can find ourselves engulfed in such happiness that it cannot be explained: the happiness of being at one with everything in that hidden ground of Love for which there can be no explanation.

—Thomas Merton, The Hidden Ground of Love

Lent is a time for reflection: reflection on those things within and around us which are life-giving, as well as those things within and around us which hinder the 'fulness of life' that Christ seeks to grow in us and the world. Join us this year as we use the Living Compass seasonal devotional series Living Well Through Lent 2021.

Available from the Living Compass website as a free download, or as a daily email devotion, or contact the office to arrange to pick up a hard copy booklet.

And then consider joining us on Saturday mornings for our 9:00am Matins for Lent, when we will reflect on how the previous week's devotionals have had an impact on us on our Lenten Journey, together.