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St Mary's is delighted to announce a series of summer concerts in memory of the late Catherine McFaddon Dunning Young!

Cathie is well known in the musical world of Victoria and beyond, especially through her teaching and mentorship in voice at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Here at St Mary's we were richly blessed by the 12 years of concert series she organized to raise funds for local charities. Most recently, her 2020 Lent Concert Series was cut short by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cathie passed away peacfully on June 13. This summer concert series in her honour re-engages with musicans she herself had recruited for the earlier series, as well as many more, and we invite you also to make a donation to the work of the Victoria Hospice Bereavement Fund, the charity that the 2020 Lent Concert Series was to be support.

Concerts in the series will all be made available online, either pre-recorded or live streamed, and published at 12:00 noon on Wednesdays during the remainder of July and August. For now, we will have to listen and celebrate online only. As the summer progresses, we may be able to regather to enjoy the music in person. Keep checking for upcoming concerts.

Donate to Victoria Hospice (support our charity partner online, powered by CanadaHelps)

Concerts in the Series